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The American Tesol Institute has been a wonderful academic platform for my career development. I enjoyed all the courses and unflinching support from my instructors. Administration is superb. My knowledge in ESL teaching has experienced a face-lift and I look forward to a brighter career future. Long live the American Tesol Institute.
12:48am · 2018-12-07
1:18pm · 2018-12-05
Perfect leaning experience!
9:47am · 2018-12-05
9:14am · 2018-12-05
This course really empowers me with knowledge of teaching. With well-designed assignments,I can introspect my teaching experience and rethink about teaching. It is really a good course.
7:35pm · 2018-12-04
Thank you
2:26pm · 2018-12-03
I'd like to thank Leigh Blanchard for all the help she gives me!She is really kind and friendly! TESOL course is really worth to learn!I think it's a new start of my teaching career!I'd like to do more as the teaching suggestions in the course say.
9:01am · 2018-12-03
11:39pm · 2018-12-02
I like this teaching way and it helps students to study efficiently. Thank you so much.
4:44am · 2018-11-30
I feel very happy joining in TESOL course and it is great experience.
11:08pm · 2018-11-28
I am very appreciated that the class activities and discipline in the classroom. Especially after reading the TESOL for Children E-Book, I'm fascinated by the variety of class activities teachers use. Because In my mind, the mode of learning language has always been traditional boring spelling tests, grammar quizzes and essay writing assignments with which I was taught. I never thought it would be fun Until I had a chance to attend the training for TESOL teachers (I am the teaching object of the teachers). I will try my best to use those precious materials in my teaching life. Thank TESOL for giving us a wonderful lessons and making us more professional.
3:48am · 2018-11-28
It was a great learning experience.
2:04am · 2018-11-27
It was a great course.
8:07pm · 2018-11-24
My mentor helped me when I required help. I emailed to get a prompt reply. Most of the times when I got stuck my mentor helped me to get through by commenting on the file. Thanks a lot.
1:50pm · 2018-11-21
Just a little more up-to-date
9:59am · 2018-11-20
Lovely space time and valuable global estudy online... my first online certification and I cherish it.
1:34am · 2018-11-18
The course is pretty good to me ï¼?I learned a lot of knowledge about English teaching for children
6:47am · 2018-11-17
My instructor is really helpful and inspiring. Super grateful!
6:06am · 2018-11-17
Tesol materials help us a lot to be an effective teacher. Thank you for your efforts. But the audio-visual materials are not of high quality. It's not convinient to watch these materials.
8:28am · 2018-11-16
2:43am · 2018-11-05
12:51am · 2018-11-04
In "Instructions on How to Begin, Submission Guidelines, Support", it is informed that "Assignments are graded 3- 5 days from when they are received", but sometime it took two weeks or more.
10:52pm · 2018-11-01
Compare to chosing the Cambridge English,I rather choosed TESOL. Even though some assignments are difficult, but I learned a lot from those. So happy I finished my TESOL classes and wish can receive my certificate quickly.
5:03am · 2018-11-01
I feel very happy joining in this TESOL course .my teachers are helped me a lot to learn .
1:34pm · 2018-10-31
This course has helped me to find a better teacher in me.
8:53am · 2018-10-30
The Instructor provided excellent guidance and highlighted the mistakes and provide enough input to improve my teaching ability and understanding of language teaching methods
2:11am · 2018-10-30
This institute can give more confidence to handle your teaching and gives you a chance to get more apportunity in the future this is a very big help.
5:23am · 2018-10-29
I was pleasantly surprised by his course and I never knew there was so many resources in the digital domain. Shelly certainly know her stuff....
11:50pm · 2018-10-28
In regards to the uploading of files set up, I think there should be an easier way to ensure that your file has been attached. I had to copy and paste my essay because I was afraid that it wasn't uploaded properly. Other than that, everything was great. I was able to understand the material. I have plenty of notes and websites to refer to. Thank you for this opportunity.
4:30pm · 2018-10-28
I am fully satisfied as of now.. Its like my dream come true once i ll get my certi physically. Nd i want to start my career as a teaching profesional in abroad as soon as i get opportunity frm u people. From my point of view Teachers are the human engineers .. And i wana be like same..
12:58pm · 2018-10-27
The course is great. I have learned a lot from the TESOL course.
9:22am · 2018-10-24
Learning this course has helped me a lot in English teaching . There are many useful materials, and interesting thoughts that inspired me to become a better language teacher.
11:20pm · 2018-10-23
I must appreciate the high level interest , quick and timely response shown by my instructor Ms. Raquel. without her efforts and knowledge, it was difficult to complete this long assignments. Thank you so much for being a great mentor and wish you a very good luck for the future.
10:54am · 2018-10-23
I really appreciate the online TESOL ADVANCE program and would like to refer and introduce to people who are looking for some online Teaching English course.
11:27pm · 2018-10-19
Sometimes even when the grading time was around 5 days it took almost 10 days to the tutor to make it.
6:37pm · 2018-10-19
Awesome programs
1:17pm · 2018-10-17
The course is geared more toward brick and mortar teaching, which I don't do much of. So, there was lots of good information that I can't apply at present, but perhaps will serve me in the future. Of course, I still picked up some great info for my current teaching situation and life skills in general. I know Moodle is a simple solution for online courses, but it's not one of my favorite platforms. It seems like a lot of additional information has been added to the course since it was created, which made it seem a bit disjointed and unorganized in places. It would also be nice to overhaul the textbook to have all of the information in one place. The speakers for the online presentations are great. Thank you!
7:27am · 2018-10-17
Great experience!
8:01pm · 2018-10-16
Great job, TESOL.
11:30pm · 2018-10-14
Overall this course is very good for aspirant teachers.
11:54pm · 2018-10-10
I hope the teacher of video assignment can speak slowly, thank you!
6:56am · 2018-10-10
some videos still can not open on the website, video links sent to us by email are not all included.
4:06am · 2018-10-08
Unit 13 the material has no relevant to the assignment, and sometimes will mislead us, please check the video.
12:09am · 2018-10-07
This is a wonderful course and I' ve learnt a lot of things from it.
2:40am · 2018-10-05
Such an embracing experience. Really, this is the most engaging and approachable course I have ever taken. Thank you to Leigh for your support and expertise.
7:43am · 2018-10-03
Thank you Leigh, it was a pleasure working with you and your colleague
8:06am · 2018-10-02
It was worth the time, effort and money spent. Despite that I studied English Language as a course in the university for four years and also from an English speaking country, I still learnt a lot from this TESOL advanced course and will surely recommend it to friends and colleagues. I will advice that TESOL INSTITUTE should try as much as possible to have at least one or two live sessions with students during the entire course period where the lecturer would be able to interact directly with the student online other than just pre-recorded sessions. Students across the world can pick available time fixed by TESOL for these sessions whereby the lecturer can answer questions directly from the student or interact with them live. It will really be nice.
11:16pm · 2018-10-01
God Job love the classes. I learn a lot
12:11pm · 2018-09-28
4:38am · 2018-09-27
Raquel did a great job helping me with any questions and/or issues l had along the way. Big thank you to her and whoever else may have been involved. J. Wonderly
6:58pm · 2018-09-25

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